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Some people like to wear shirts or hats to support their motorsport teams. That's great but what about wearing an actual piece of a genuine Race Car? 

That's pretty special too!

Our PitLane Links are all handmade in the UK from race car scrap metal and are mostly created from gearbox components.  They are naturally quite special as very few pieces can be used which makes them extremely unique and limited with our pieces all being one off designs.  What is exciting about PitLane Links is that they are not only 100% genuine, but every single piece has raced on global circuits and you may very well own a part of a
 Le Mans winning car.

We don't profess to be jewellers but we do want to offer a unique experience and enable people to own and wear something special that otherwise would've been quite costly scrap!

We also appreciate how personal jewellery can be and that's why we have tried to make all our pieces flexible in terms of how and when you would wear them.  Something fun, cool and beautiful for everyone and every budget.

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