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This is the largest Flink we make in terms of the size of the face.  These are very intriguing as we've set part of the cage and a ball bearing from the Wheel Bearing into some resin.  They have a very interesting look and are partially set, so you can still feel the cage and the bearing through the setting.  They're a fabulous Flink and look amazing on either a white or black shirt cuff.   As with all our Flinks, they are Sterling Silver, not plated and the 925 stamp is located at the top of the post on each Flink.

A versatile option that would complement any corporate event or even a cool shirt with jeans.  A great talking point and the perfect present for any car or motorsport enthusiast.

They are gift boxed in a very special, black leather box.

The face of the Flink measures 20mm.

Fuel Cell - SOLD

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