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This is a pure brass bearing cage that has come from a Ford GT racing gearbox.  There is ever only one of these in a racing gearbox, that's why they're so rare.  This has been buffed out around the inside edges to make them smooth and therefore comfortable to wear it has been polished to a high finish.  There are 15 bearing circles in this piece.  It looks amazing as both a bangle and also a cuff.  Clearly, it's not adjustable due to the material. What an outstanding piece of Ford GT race car to own and wear.  Perfect for the Mr, Mrs and Miss Motorsport lover!


The width of the inner circle is 8.2cm or 82mm. 

The thickness is .05cm or 5mm.

Weight 100 grams

This will be packed in a black box with a matching black, satin ribbon.

Grand Prix

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