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Ford GT bearings (4) set in clear resin with aluminium honey comb and silver swarf (off cuts of machined parts) from an actual race car.  The back has been completed in black and you can lightly feel the honey comb.  A visually interesting, prestigious piece for the decerning motorsport lover.  GT Key Silver Steel comes with a stainless steel key ring and blue velvet bag as per the sample picture. 

Postage included for UK

Diameter 5cm x 3cm.  A fabulous and original gift for the motorsport enthusiast!

All our proudcts are hand made and cast using original parts.  They may contain inperfections as they are made using scrap and upcycled materials.

SOLD - GT Key Silver Steel

  • Unfortunately, we do not accept returns on our products as by their nature, they are made by hand using scrap materials and are not machined in a factory.  Therefore, the products could display inperfections of which is normal and to be expected and adds to their uniqueness.

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