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This is a remarkable, composition of 100% genuine and authentic, current Ford GT Le Mans winning race car gear box components welded into a standard lamp. 

Each component has raced on global circuits and at Le Mans alone the gear box would’ve made approximately 25,000 shifts in the 24 hour period.

To buy these exact components new for the cars is in the vicinity of £10,000.  What a gift for a motorsport enthusiast and it’s useful too!

This piece comes with a stainless steel plaque that has been signed by the Ford GT Drivers:

  • Harry Tincknell
  • Olivier Pla
  • Andy Priaulx
  • Stefan Mucke

The base is a Final Drive Gear and then the First Gear Ratio.  Followed by a Dog Ring, Bevel Gear and a selection of Lay Shafts and Main Shafts.  There’s a Differential Gear and some rotating Bearings for a little added visual interest and they rotate as well.

The lamp stands at 145 cm and the Final Drive Gear is 22cm in diameter.  We complemented the piece with a large, warm LED which looks great when lit up.  There's also a foot pedal as well as an on/off switch at the top near the globe.

There is only 1 of these, extremely unique and what a piece of motorsport history!

Please note that the bulb is not included.


£900.00 Regular Price
£450.00Sale Price
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